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What’s worse? A physical affair or an emotional one?
Have you ever dated anyone whose love language was different than yours?
Are we good sexual partners? If we haven’t had sex, do you think we would be?
How often do you watch porn? What is your favorite kind?
When was the last time your feelings were hurt? What happened?
Tell me something about you I may not know.


Grab a partner and step into THE CONFESSIONAL, the perfect date night game, for singles and couples alike.

The Confessional features 150 questions about love, sex, and self, designed to help friends, couples, lovers, and everything in between develop a better understanding of one another. Now's the time to ask all the questions you've been afraid to ask.

Create new connections and deepen existing ones with these fun, profound, steamy, and thought-provoking questions. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and get real.

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